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The Sporting Club

The main Sporting Club roles include:

Generally being the over-riding body that works with all 3 sporting codes to promote local sport in a quality environment liaising with the Moreland Council, to ensure Council maintenance and upkeep are kept to a high standard

Being an Incorporated Body which binds the club and sports to work within state and local government guidelines. Holding the liquor license for 12 month periods. Being the parent body for applying for and receiving grants. Overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities. Overseeing security and other 12 month type issues, including insurance, incorporation etc.

The football and cricket clubs have independent 6 month leases of the ground and the club rooms as independent sub-tenants. Cricket being the tenant from October 1 until March 31, football from April 1 to September 30. Netball has a separate, independent agreement with Council to use the netball courts on a 12 monthly basis. Football and cricket work closely together to ensure that training for their players can take place while the other club has tenancy and also functions and other use of the social rooms is available during the other codes tenancy.

All clubs run their finances independently of each other and the SC. Football and cricket have full control of fund-raising within the pavilion in their season, including bar and canteen profits and losses. Each club pays for their own ground rental, utilities costs, cleaning costs and any other expenses that are incurred to operate their sport.

The club has excellent facilities with a large football/cricket oval, 2 netball courts, change rooms and a large, well-appointed social room

The Sporting Club is located:

Martin Reserve

Box Forest Rd, Hadfield, Vic, 3046


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Martin Reserve – Box Forest Rd, Hadfield, Vic, 3046

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